Germany: Day 19

04 Oct 2013
Heiligenhafen to Brug
18 miles

I see the caution sign on the bridge span signaling that very soon I should be concerned about a wind sock. While I’m trying to process why I should be concerned about a wind sock, something I’ve never thought to be all that dangerous, it hits me; slams into me, actually, with gale force speed. It’s the WIND, idiot, and despite being rudder ready with one foot already unclipped and reaching for the pavement, I am being scuttled across the bike lane like a crab on a sandy beach. Holy smokes, or a variant thereof, I said to myself as I gained speed directly toward the railing, beyond which was a very long drop into the sea below, an additional little tidbit I was trying very hard not to process.

Ahead of me was Gina, swerving back and forth across the narrow cycling lane, faring not much better with her steering than if she’d downed five pints with breakfast. Yesterday’s welcome breeze pushing us toward town was today’s hellish sidewind pushing us toward the edge. Nothing to do but stay rudder ready, keep on pedaling, and pray that my panniers double as floatation devices should anything go further awry.

Arriving on the “Isle of Sun,” as the locals call this island of Fehmarn (or maybe that’s the translation and I’m an idiot once more), it’s cloudy, beyond windy, and cold. It’s highly possible that we have seen the last of the sunny weather so it’s probably a good thing that our trip is nearly done, tomorrow reserved for taking the ferry back to Denmark and the train to Copenhagen. On the positive side, it feels as though our time here in Germany has been both summer- and fall-like, the best of two seasons melded into a brief 10 days. Thanks, Germany, it’s always a pleasure.

Wind ahead

The Bridge

Looking back

Burg auf Fehmarn

Hotel in Burg

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  1. Love these blogs…..I laugh every day when I read them. And Im so jealous of the fun you are having. An awesome writer you are Dena…
    So much fun to live vicariously through you two.

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