Germany: Day 35

20 August 2014
Tegernsee to Rottach-Egern, Germany (12 miles; Total = 858 miles)

If we want to bike all the way back to Munich, we should be on our way north right now. But we’re not. Another morning, another rain storm, another hour spent mentally composing my Craigslist ad for my panniers. In this new version I’m throwing in my bicycle.

Time for a new plan, which is to plant ourselves here on this pretty lake south of Munich for at least another day or two and then research the train schedule to fast-forward us back to where we need to be. Why pedal through the Munich suburbs in my rain pants when I can hang out on the deck in my down jacket and drink the local brew? Oktoberfest in August works for me.

bean and beer

view from room

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  1. Are you sure 1. it is August and 2. that you are in Germany??? I can’t believe you are in a down jacket. Too funny!!! Still funny though.

    I’m heading home….two hour delay in Tawain (on top of the 7 hr. layover)…that’ll make it about 23 hours total…..awe, what’s another couple of hours right? Doesn’t seem real.

    Anyways, so enjoying your blog.

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