Germany: Day 39

24 August 2014
Freising, Germany

It’s our final day in Germany (well, if you don’t count flying out tomorrow, which we don’t because it’s a travel day) so that means it was a day spent taking the bikes apart, cleaning off 5 weeks of rain-induced grit and grime, and packing the whole kit and caboodle up. Not our favorite activity but a necessary one and one that no longer causes meltdowns unless one’s rear fender won’t come off because there’s a bolt glued on thanks to 5 weeks of rain-induced grit and grime and so one is forced to leave the fender attached and bend it in half to get the bike in its suitcase and well, that might cause a bit of a meltdown but one that is easily cured with – you guessed it – bier.

Who needs a FitBit when you’ve got a BierBit? I say, Not Me. Let’s review my BierBit statistics for the day:

Number of biers consumed: 2
Number of steps to retrieve biers: 0 (I sent Gina downstairs to get them)
Number of calories not burned: 460
Number of steps fallen down after consumption: 0 (I can’t get out of my chair now)

I’d say I’m in pretty good shape.








  1. Auf Wiedersehen to ol’ Deutschland, eh? Dang, I just talked to Teri yesterday and was reminded of your blog site. So here I am and you’re all done? You will have to teach me this new trick of being the peripatetic tourists – sort of like that Valeria Lukyanova trick where she just exists on air and that’s what lets her look like Barbie. So, as usual, the living in Europe looks filled with wonderful foodstuffs and beverage. I am imbued, no, engorged, or suffused(?) with envy.

  2. Great trip guys! With all the rain you had it makes me appreciate all the more our sunny weather here in Mesa. 104 degrees doesn’t seem so bad! Hope you have a safe trip home!

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