Austria: Day 31

16 August 2014
Lofer, Austria (0 miles; Total = 725 miles)

It’s raining again. Have I typed that before? I think I have. Anyway, it’s raining again but I am snuggled deep beneath my down comforter, enjoying the thought that there’s no lycra in the plan for today, for this little Lofer is worthy of a day off. Besides, with Sunday looming we need to re-supply and with a full week ahead of us for pedaling our way back to Munich, there’s no need to rush out of these here Alps. I actually think that even if I wanted to leave, Gina wouldn’t let me because (a) she can’t stop repeating how super cute this town is and (b) our super cute room is costing us so little money that if there was any way we could stay here the rest of the trip and ride to Munich in one day she’d have us on that plan in a heartbeat. Just when I think there is no budget we’re back on one.

So what do you do in a super cute town on a partly dreary day? Well, you take your hotel-supplied free guest card that comes with free tickets for the gondola and you take a short hike around the mountaintop, providing just enough exercise to justify an afternoon latte and piece of cake. Then, before the sugar high wears off and in spite of the fact that it’s heavily overcast, definitely threatening rain, and only 54 degrees outside, you take your hotel-supplied free guest card with its free entrance fee and act like it’s SUMMER and go to the pool. Take that rain clouds and budget. I might be freezing but I’m freely having fun.



cow bells




pool and guesthouse